Quality & Safety

Quality & Safety

Gamut Buildcon works to increase customer satisfaction by delivering high-quality products in a timely manner under secure working conditions. In every aspect of our business, we commit to constant progress. The following Quality & Safety objective serves as a guide for our quality & safety standards: “To consistently provide high-quality products by abiding by established guidelines, legal, contractual and regulatory requirements to increase customer satisfaction through timely, cost-conscious completion”.


Gamut Buildcon is dedicated to promoting best practises and delivering better quality management training and education to both our members and the larger construction community. We have a philosophy of encouraging ongoing development and establishing quality goals in accordance with the framework outlined in the ISO standards. These goals will address the company’s identified risks and opportunities.

The goal of the quality management code is to increase standards by giving construction projects access to the instruments and procedures needed to produce high-quality work. Our quality of life and the legacy we leave for future generations are both largely dependent on the built environment. We maintain our standards of excellence targets on a regular basis, revising them in accordance with internal business requirements and outside commitments.

We review the Quality Policy at the end of every third year or earlier, if deemed necessary, for its ongoing appropriateness and continued efficiency.



  • Enhancing level of customer satisfaction by attending and resolving genuine customer complaints, till such time that 100% customer satisfaction is achieved.

  • To improve the revenues of the Company by 25% on YTY basis.

  • Meeting regulatory and mandatory requirements, as applicable.


Gamut Buildcon ensures that all employees have access to the right kinds of information, guidelines and training they need to follow the business’ health and safety rules and carry out their tasks safely. We make sure that personal protective equipment (PPE) is available and used whenever it is required, as determined by risk assessment. To facilitate the safe performance of jobs, Gamut Buildcon supplies equipment, such as machinery and plant, as well as employee training and instruction. We also allot enough money for the equipment’s maintenance and safety standards.

At Gamut Buildcon, safety is given the utmost concern at every turn and along every path. The business promotes initiatives to achieve ‘ZERO reportable injuries’ at every workplace. Over the years, the organisation has implemented a number of measures to enhance safety performance, including required induction and training programmes, tool box discussions, demonstrations of personal protective equipment usage, etc.


  • The primary objective of safety is to prevent accidents and incidents from occurring at our workplace. We achieve the same through the implementation of effective safety policies, procedures and practices.

  • Our aim is to promote a culture of safety among our employees. This includes encouraging employees to report safety concerns, recognizing safe behaviors, and fostering a sense of personal responsibility for safety.

  • Another important objective of safety of our company is to protect our employees from harm or injury.